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the best recipe for ginger and date cake in the world

date ginger - the ginger and redhead online dating site
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ginger and date cake recipe

Come for a ginger and date recipe?

So sorry. It's the way Google works.

You type in
ginger and date expecting to get a ginger and date cake recipe - and instead you find yourself on a dating website for gingers and redheads...

So to make things up to you we've found a great recipe.

It's the nicest bit of date and ginger cake we've had and none of us can cook for peanuts.

Here it is: Ginger and Date cake recipe

dateginger for gingers

As the on-line dating specialist for gingers, we're here for you.

Did you know that 14% of the western world prefer redheads to any other hair colour, but redheads form only 2% of the same population?

That's good numbers.

Why use dateginger?

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date ginger has featured in The Observer, Money Week and on BBC local radio

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